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Thank You

Thanks to all those who have supported us from the very beginning with an extraordinary faith, given the tough times we are living today. You know who you are, you are close, very close, always by our side (^ - ^).

Thanks to our suppliers, who try to make our life easier, although we sometimes have to beg a little ;-)

Thanks to the open source software developers who made Sitzi's website possible. To them and to the participants in the forums, whose valuable comments have been of great help when we fall short of ideas. We strongly believe in collaborative progress. Hopefully our adventure will grow and become successful. If that happens we commit ourselves to contribute to your project funding as much as we can. We especially want to mention the community Joomla, JoomlaSpanish, JoomlaExtensions, and people of Virtuemart for their wonderful application.

And our special thanks, 1,000,000,000 thanks, to our first customers, those who chose to give or offer their customers something different and authentic, who push slowly the wheels of this adventure. Our best wishes are for you.