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About Sitzi

provisional draft, pending correction

Sitzi is a brand of jewelry, not fashion nor ornaments. Our offer stems from the desire to provide useful pieces in the warmest and most intimate sense of the word. Well thought-out pieces, charming, durable and sensitive.

Women have always worn jewelry (from the early days of our life!). We know that sometimes the relationship we create with these objects is intense, even intimate. Sometimes it's just the appeal of the object itself, its plasticity, its perfection, the ability to complement our style, but the jewels often become the guardian of our emotions, help us move closer to the loved ones, and fix memories of special moments ... This is the side we are trying to explore, adding contemporary values, the challenges we face as individuals in the world today, and the disclosure and enhancement of our human capabilities.

We do not intend to contribute to the stereotypes that have been created about women, men, and even aesthetic trends. We want to travel freely on the paths that our cultural history (including pop culture) has been offering: the motivations, the messages that really help us understand the world, others and ourselves.

Sitzi is, like most forms of expression, a way of looking, where love, relationships, pleasure and self-improvement take over.

We make our jewelry

In Sitzi conceive, design, make and distribute our jewels.

To encompass the entire product life helps us to control the quality and satisfaction of our customers, we can react to the unexpected and give a hight quality and efficient customer service.

Sterling silver

We produce our jewels in sterling silver (925).

We respond

We are here for you. By phone, email, social media, our website and our blog. Do not hesitate to contact us.